25th January Housing workshop & Film Preview

To convince Lambeth to lease the development to the Trust, we must make it the best it can be. This workshop will help shape the details and help make this happen.

Venue: Pop Brixton 49 Brixton Station Rd, Brixton SW9 8PQ

6.30pm Welcome and food

7pm Film Preview: “Arc of Justice”

The new award winning film of the first community land trust, set up in Georgia USA in 1969 by leaders of the African American Civil Rights Movement.







7.30pm – 9.30pm: Housing workshop

The will the be the first of two workshops facilitated by the Confederation of Cooperative Housing. Attendees will be invited back to a follow up workshop on the 9th February.

  • 1) How will the homes be managed?

How will they be maintained and repaired? Who will collect the rents? Tenancy management etc.

  • 2) Who will live there?
    Who will be housed (target income bands)? How will letting decisions be made? What will be the lettings policy?
  • 3) How will it be run?Who will the membership be? How will the board be selected? What will their role be?