Brixton Green Election 2017

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Please see below the list of candidates for the TWO trustee positions.

Jonathan Harbourne


Jonathan Harbourne is the founder and chair of the Lambeth TRA Network (, is chair of Edmundsbury Court Estate TRA and vice-chair of the Clapham Area Housing Forum (with seat on the Tenants Council and Leaseholders Council) and Clapham Safer Neighbourhoods panel meeting. Jonathan was Lambeth Community Pride Award ‘Resident of the Year’ 2015 and won ‘Best Food Growing Project’ 2016 for his work on Edmundsbury Estate. He is keenly interested and involved with improving the environments and the lives of residents in Lambeth through collaboration, sharing best practice and up-skilling.

In his professional life he works in Marketing and Digital Design – working for a large organisation and running a design business that’s just rebranded and designed new websites for National Trust Jersey and Healthwatch Lambeth.

Proposer: Fiona Brenner

Seconder: Duko  Frankhuizen

Lamonte Johnson


I would like to become a board member of Brixton Green because I believe that working with local people who care about setting up and  building a real community that can make a difference. I have been working in the London community for over 24yrs as a Art Director and Youth mentor, Art Therapist in a drug rehabilitation centre, Fashion Director and fundraiser at the 90’s Brixton Cooltan Art’s Centre.

I now run a Charity: 1164023 called Bling Ya Bike young entrepreneur project that works in schools  and after school bike projects  across the U.K..

Proposer: Philippe Castaing

Seconder: Paul Flaherty


Abigail Melville









I am passionate about building an inclusive community in Brixton having lived here for 30 years. I believe residents should have direct ownership and control over their housing and we must work to build mixed communities where all kinds of people share public spaces. I am now using my experience in public management, as an elected councillor and as a teacher to set up a social enterprise to give disadvantaged youngsters project based work experience, skills and social connections. I have been working with Brixton Green as a coopted Board Member since  December and would love to continue.

Proposer: Bradley Carroll

Seconder: Devon Thomas

Louie Somerville-Sutherland










My name is Louie, I am nineteen and I live on the St Matthews Estate in Tulse Hill Ward in Brixton. I have lived in Brixton all my life.

My generation is the one that sees no prospect of owning are own homes as things stand. Rent is through the roof which means the community where I was brought up soon won’t be an option. I welcome Brixton Green and want to see it thrive, as I think it’s members, ideas and workers are one of the best chances to fixing the housing crisis.

The crisis in London has reached a severe level and something must be done. I see Brixton Green’s vision as a credible and sustainable way forward and that is why I was keen to get involved. I also believe that those who are politically active can best serve the community by working with local partners and people.

This was an idea founded in Brixton and I care passionately about the community where I was brought up and live.

I am a member of the Labour Party in Streatham and I am the currently secretary of the Tulse Hill Branch. I was first elected to the post in March 2015 and re-elected in January 2016 and 2017, I also served as the Tulse Hill Labour Youth Officer from February 2014 to March 2015 and Campaigns Officer from January 2016 to 2017. I have campaigned with local party members, councillors and the MP on a variety of issues including housing.

Proposer: Adrienne Lowe

Seconder: Waldo Lowe
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