Designing Somerleyton Road

The development management team (Igloo) have been working to convert the brief for Somerleyton Road into plans for the site. On the 27th November they showed us the plans so far.


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About Somerleyton Road

About Somerleyton Road

Overview and objectives

1406_141126_Consultation Boards

Who we are

November 2014 exhibition board 2 - Who we are

Site location and context

1406_141126_Consultation Boards2

The site today – understanding the issues

1406_141126_Consultation Boards3

How we’re doing it

November 2014 exhibition board 3 - How we're doing it


New homes

November 2014 exhibition board 3 - New homes


Non-residential uses

November 2014 exhibition board 5 - Non-residential uses


Interpreting the brief

1406_141126_Consultation Boards4


Work in progress

November 2014 exhibition boards - Work in progress

1406_141126_Consultation Boards5

1406_141126_Consultation Boards7


Public realm emerging strategy

1406_141126_Consultation Boards8

1406_141126_Consultation Boards9

1406_141126_Consultation Boards10





  • All photos © Fiona Freund