The incredible Good Gym planting on Somerleyton Road

6th May 2014

This Tuesday’s session for Good Gym was spent clearing part of Somerleyton Road ready for community planting. The Good Gym approach is to Get Fit & Do Good.

22 runners ran 6k and clear a the overgrown verge of Somerleyton Road, ready for planting

Our 60 sec warm up set us up well for our 300m jog to Somerleyton Road. Before cracking on with the task at hand, we ran up and down the road a couple of times experimenting with Gears 2 & 3 to clarify some of the suggestions in the Run Hackney training plan.

“Thistles, Nettles, Trees”

Grabbing tools, we began attacking the overgrowth. There were grassy bit, thistles, nettles, trees and thousands of leaves which we dig up, pulled out and swept to make a single massive green waste pile.

“Faster Than Expected”

As we reached came towards half time, it became clear we were smashing through the task much faster than expected, so we set ourselves an extra stretch of verge to clear, which we also chomped through before setting off.