Stewardship workshop – ‘How will it be run and managed, and who will be involved?’

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Date and time: Wednesday 12 February 2014, 7pm - 9pm

Location: Number Six, 6 Somerleyton Road, London, SW9 8ND

One of the most important elements of the Somerleyton Road Project is how it will be run and managed, and who will have a say.

Examples of community stewardship:

Background Information:

Objectives: April 2013 Community Workshops

Comparison of legal structures

How stewardship bodies can manage assets

Workshop Presentation (Wed 12th Feb):




Tasks for the workshop

Time Task
10 mins Set the scene – 




Testing the governance advice:




  • Consideration of the way in which decisions can be made and who can be party to making those decisions.
  • Consideration of the legal structure for an overarching body and it’s relationship to organisations responsible for managing the homes, with some consideration of the types of housing organisations in the context of people’s desire for retaining rented homes in perpetuity.


  • What role could a new body have, and what should it do, and be responsible for doing? Is this different in different phases for the Somerleyton Road project?
  • Does the role have implications, such as the contractual relationship with Lambeth; costs such as Stamp Duty Land Tax?


30mins Where will it get an income from - how can it be a sustainable business (not relying on grants from Lambeth)?