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CABE review the Brixton Green proposal

“Brixton Green is clearly a key project in the improvement of the neighbourhood…The commitment and passion behind this project are inspiring.”

Diane Haigh , Director of architecture and design review

CABE, are the government’s advisor on architecture,urban design and public space, now part of the Design Council.

In February CABE came to visit the Brixton Green site and there was a positive discussion with the CABE panel and representatives from Lambeth Council and local organisations.


  • Neil Deely (chair)
  • Noel Farrer
  • David Hills
  • Catherine Burd


  • Brad Carroll - Brixton Green
  • Jason Cornish - Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
  • Sue Foster - Executive Director of Housing, Regeneration and the Environment Lambeth Council
  • Mark Trevethan - Planning Department Lambeth Council
  • Deborah Bestwick - Oval House Theatre
  • Peter Walker - Evelyn Grace Academy
  • Alan Piper - Brixton Society
  • The Revd. Dr. Rosemarie Mallett – St John the Evangelist, Angell Town
  • Anthea Masey - Friends of Loughborough Park

CABE attendees:

  • Diane Haigh CABE
  • Kirsteen Mackay CABE
  • Thomas Bender CABE
  • Amanda Fraser CABE
  • Anna Maloney CABE
  • Casey Jones General Services Administration’s Design Excellence Program

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Location Map

Location Map

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