Community Share Questions

Who can buy a share?

Anyone over 16 years old who lives or works in central Brixton (Coldharbour, Ferndale, Brixton Hill, Herne Hill or Tulse Hill wards) can buy one share in Brixton Green for £1. (see map)

How much are the shares?

The shares are £1 each. The £1 is non-refundable.

Can I buy more than one share?

No. We are selling one £1 share per person.

What will I get if I buy a share?

Shareholders will be able to:

  • Stand for election to the Board of Brixton Green Limited.
  • Vote at the Annual General Meeting of Brixton Green Limited.
  • Have a say in what Brixton Green Limited does.
  • Be part of creating a better Brixton.
  • Show that Brixton matters to you.

Will my share make me money?

No. Shareholders will receive a high social return but not a financial return.

Can I withdraw my share?

If you no longer wish to be a member of Brixton Green you can withdraw your share but there is a £1 fee to cover the administrative costs involved. Even though it is only £1, the law requires we take a lot of trouble over looking after our members and so we cannot afford to return the one pound if you leave.

What will the money be used for?

We are selling approximately 5,000 community shares at £1 each. The money raised will contribute towards the costs involved in bringing forward this community led development. By giving us £1 in this way you gain a vote that is equal to the other members’ and recognised in law.

Who will pay for the development?

The development will be funded in a similar way to other large scale developments. Except this time the community will act as the client and the aim will be community benefit, not private profit.

We have an excellent team of advisors including Savills and the award winning architects Feilden, Clegg and Bradley. With their advice and extensive conversations with potential development partners we are ensuring a financially viable proposal is being brought forward.

Who decides what is built?

All members of the community can have their say in what we build. No one knows what an area needs more than the people who live and work there.

We are carrying out an iterative process where the community and our expert advisors work through the issues and solutions.

Will this help me get one of the new homes that will be built?

No. We will work with Lambeth Council to decide the best policy to allocate the homes being built.

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