Over 850 come to Brixton Green family event!

Over 850 people came to Brixton Green’s Community Family Fun Day at Dexters Playground on Saturday.

It was a great seeing so many parts of Brixton coming together. Visitors included all 3 ward Councillors and key community leaders from organisations including Black Cultural Archives,Transition Town, Latin American Front, The Oval House Theatre, Lysada, Moorlands Community Development Project, Loughborouh Junction Action Groups, Friends of Loughborough Park, the Golden Age Group and more.

Cllr Rachel Heywood, Richard West (Head, Hill Mead Primary School) and Gloria Gomez(co-founder of the Latin Front and Brixton Green board member) all made great supportive speeches.

The stage performances were excellent and there were some great stalls from London Printworks Trust, Brixton City Farm, Transition Town and more. The whole event was broadcast by Aculco Radio http://www.aculcoradio.com.

Brixton Green wants to say a big thank you to all who helped bring this together.

Photos by www.fionafreund.com