What people are saying

“Brixton Green has established a groundbreaking model for community led property development with community shares at its heart..”

Ed Mayo – Secretary General, Co-operatives UK

“Brixton Green has put economic, environmental and community sustainability at its heart from the outset. This is a great model for other communities to follow.”

Peter Head OBE - Director, ARUP

“The Brixton Green proposal offers a great opportunity to design a local neighbourhood with environmental factors that support community safety and crime reduction.”

Chief Superintendent Nick Ephgrave, Borough Commander, Lambeth Borough Police

“Oval House theatre brings international theatre to a local audience, and harnesses the talent and energy of young people. Placing the Oval House Theatre on this site will have a significant social and economic benefit to the area and encourage further regeneration along the Loughborough corridor.”

Deborah Bestwick – Director, Oval House Theatre

“198 Contemporary Arts and Learning are excited to be part of this initiative that will bring real and lasting change to this area and enhance Brixton as a major cultural capital.”

Clarence Thompson MBE – Chair, 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning

Hill Mead Primary School is pleased to support this initiative to help the further regeneration of this part of Coldharbour ward. Hill Mead is a key hub for the community and we are keen to build on this.”

Richard West – Head, Hill Mead Primary School

“We are very supportive of Brixton Green and your intention to acquire and develop the Somerleyton Road area of the Moorlands Estate for community benefit.”

Aston Edwards – Chair, Moorlands Community Development Project

“As a Brixton resident and active participant in community projects, I believe Brixton Green is an exciting and groundbreaking concept. It shows how a sustainable future and the increasing of social capital, can be combined with tangible benefits in the long term.”

Matthew Ryder QC, Brixton resident and Chair of the Black Cultural Archive

“This project has the potential for truly transformative impacts for the people of Brixton.”

Steve Wyler - Director, Development Trust Association

The Brixton Green project would bring more visitors to Brixton and significantly more businesses”

Ted Inman OBE – Chief Executive, South Bank Employers’ Group

“Creativity needs to be a part of everyday life. Affordable space at the heart of the community, at busy street level, will transform our ability to showcase textile printing on a daily basis. Accessibility is vital to our being able to inspire people to want to learn new skills and develop their confidence. This unique opportunity to be co-located with two other local arts organisations will give us new energy, and improved connections through sharing and developing our resources and audiences. Together we will be able to showcase a wide range of talents and excellence in the arts. Brixton Green is an important component in the sustainability of our collective futures.”

Lorna Dallas-Conte, Executive Director, London Printworks Trust

“The Brixton Green proposal is a chance for the people of Brixton to lead the development a large site in central Brixton in a way that will benefit the community for generations. It is a chance for the community to support and strengthen our assets including our schools, our voluntary groups, our arts organisations, and our neighbourhoods. One of the aspects I love most about it is that it is inclusive. All the various communities in Brixton are able to join to help make this happen. I, like many of the people involved in Brixton Green, are passionate about this because we have seen the difference poor choices have made to the lives of people we know. We know there is a better way.”

Brad Carroll, Director, Brixton Green

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