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Jenny Jones AM visit to Brixton

Brixton Green a model for Lambeth’s housing needs
Jenny Jones AM visited Brixton on Monday 18th April to discuss proposals for Lambeth’s first Community Land Trust with Brixton Green Director Brad Carroll.

Jenny has worked with Brixton Green and other groups trying to develop community-owned and community-led housing schemes around London, and has pressed the Mayor to support them.

Jenny said,

“Brixton Green is exactly what London needs – really affordable housing and great community facilities that are dreamt up, developed and owned by the local community. Their plans to reconnect two halves of Brixton cut up by roads and bad urban planning could make a real difference to the many communities and small businesses in the area.

“Boris Johnson promised to establish London’s first Community Land Trust, a regeneration model that emphasises the community owning the land and ensuring the housing and other uses really meet their local needs. I’ve spent the past year lobbying him to support communities like Brixton Green, I hope both Boris and Lambeth Council will do all they can to make this project succeed.”



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