Brixton Green Members Elect Four New Trustees

Brixton Green’s AGM was on 11th September 2014 @ 6 Somerleyton Road.

Our members elected four new trustees. Congratulations to Felix, Maynard, Paul and Sandie.

Thanks to everyone who voted. We received over 165 votes, well beyond the number required to be quorate and our highest participation rate yet!

What is proposed for Somerleyton Road

New homes, a theatre and a chef school could transform Somerleyton Road.People want this space to do a lot of things. With your help we can make this happen in a different and exciting way – bringing out the best of Brixton.

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  • Community development trust & housing cooperatives: There are several ways of delivering the project and the way that is chosen will affect how the long-term stewardship can happen.The council’s preferred option is to establish a housing cooperative to manage the affordable housing, working with a community development trust embracing all the commercial and community spaces.
  • Housing: The project must deliver affordable new homes at council rent levels. We will seek long term tenancies which provide residents with a sense of security.
  • Jobs and employment: A key role for the community development trust will be to nurture local enterprise and provide training and employment for local people.
  • Arts & Culture: Ovalhouse will bring a range of theatre and youth arts activities to contribute to Brixton’s cultural heritage.
  • Sustainability: Environmental sustainability is a key driver for the project. A long term stewardship role for the trust means many of the sustainable initiatives can continue to thrive for decades.
  • Health & social care: An aspiration to bring local health and social care services to Somerleyton Road. Pursuing the right mix and working in partnership with the community will help us to deliver better local services.

    All photos © Fiona Freund