More than 50% affordable homes!

The Challenge

High land and construction costs means that it is a challenge for councils and developers to deliver the affordable homes London needs to continue to be a mixed income city.

Recent London developments:


A solution that can deliver more than 50% affordable homes:

tick-2Landlord to be a Community Trust: Locking the commitment to maximise the affordable housing.


tick-2First 10 to 15 years: A rent mix that generates a higher income to pay down the loans for the land and construction costs.

tick-2After approx 10 to 15 years: Once the loans are reduced, maximise the affordable housing.


tick-2Deliver homes for a range of income groups



First 10 to 15 years:

50% Discounted Rents

Higher income during the first 10 to 15 years to reduce the loans. 

Approx after 10 to 15 years:

75% Discounted Rents

Maximise the affordable housing once the loans are reduced

How to deliver more expensive developments?

Developments where the land, construction or borrowing costs are high can still deliver more affordable homes over time using this approach. They may need higher rents for the first 10/15 years or so. But they can then maximise the amount of affordable housing for the remaining years.

The Community Trust is fundamental

The Community Trust is the guarantee that the development will maximise the amount of affordable housing when the loans are reduced to suitable level.

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