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Have you consulted local people? 

Yes. Our aim is to ensure this development is shaped by local people.

We have held many consultation events dealing with all aspects of the project, carried out door to door discussions in the immediate area of the project, distributed over 60,000 leaflets, held many community events (some attended by over 1,000 people - see above), held workshops in schools & community groups and run a series of deliberative workshops to review the project in detail. Brixton Green was started by and is owned by Brixton people (many of whom live close to the site). Over the past seven years we have all worked hard on a voluntary basis to make sure a wide cross section of our community are aware of the project and able to become members. Over 1,200 members of the Brixton community have become shareholders.

Since the development team have come on board they have led the consultations and we have supported where we can.

How will the development be paid for?

Lambeth are funding the development. The cost of this will be repaid from the rents.

When will the development be completed?

Construction is due to start next year with completion in 2017 and 2018.

Who will own the completed development?

Lambeth Council will retain the freehold providing 250 year leases to the Ovalhouse Theatre (for the theatre). The ambition is for there to also be a 250 year lease to a new community body for the remainder of the site.

Who will live in the new homes?

100% of the homes will be for rent and they will all be owned by a new housing cooperative. The aim is for the development to provide homes for a mix of income groups. 40% of the homes will have genuine low cost rents, the kind of rents that the Council sets. 50% of all the homes will be Affordable Homes, as defined by the government. At least 60 of the homes will be part of an extra care scheme for older people.

There is a proposal for a local lettings policy for the homes.

Will Brixton Green be the new community body?

No. Brixton Green’s role is to make sure the community are at the forefront of the redevelopment. When the new community body is up and running, the community will have succeeded and Brixton Green’s job will be done.

How will the new community’s body board be elected?

The board of this new body will be elected from the residents, wider community, non-residential occupiers (e.g. the chef’s school) and Lambeth Council. This structure makes sure this public asset continues to benefit the community throughout the 250 years and its management is publicly accountable.

Is there a private developer involved?

No. Rather than have a private developer deliver the project, Brixton Green encouraged Lambeth Council to develop the site directly themselves. Lambeth have employed Igloo who provide their development experience, but receive a fee not a share of the profit.

Will Brixton Green’s shareholders receive any financial benefit from the development?

No. Brixton Green shares are held for community benefit. Shareholders will not receive any financial benefit.

Do Brixton Green get paid?

No. Brixton Green has no paid staff. Our director, secretary and trustees give their time to the project on a voluntary basis.

What are the Brixton Green shares for?

They are to ensure that Brixton Green is owned by, represented by and accountable to a wide cross section of our community. They are the agreement between the membership and the trustees. The trustees are elected from the membership (or co-opted by the elected community trustees). They are elected to push the ambitions of local people to the forefront of the redevelopment of Somerleyton Road.

Who can become a Brixton Green shareholder?

Anyone who is over 16 years old and either lives or works in one of the five central Brixton wards (Coldharbour, Ferndale, Brixton Hill, Tulse Hill, Herne Hill).

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How are the Brixton Green representatives on the steering group appointed?

Lambeth Council set up a steering group to deliver the project. Brixton Green’s representatives on the steering group are appointed by Brixton Green’s board.

Are the Brixton Green representatives accountable to the elected community trustees?

Yes. The representatives report to the elected community trustees each month at Brixton Green’s board meeting. All key proposals require a mandate from Brixton Green’s board.

How can I get involved or share my opinion?

This project has been created by the energy and time of local people. It is being shaped by the knowledge of local people. If you would like to get involved please contact us.

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