The Trust's Objectives

The community and Lambeth Council will decide the Trust’s objectives.  These objectives are being shaped by local people. Since 2008 there are been hundreds of conversations at the various events.

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Please see below the current draft objectives for discussion.


  • Maximize the amount of genuinely affordable housing (homes, which can be afforded by local people of all incomes and a range of household types).
  • Same rights and quality of service for all.
  • People paying different rents to live side by side in the same blocks.
  • Provide greater security of renting across all rental types.
  •  Management of the homes to be excellent, accountable, responsive, efficient and locally focused (including employing local people where possible).

Jobs, training, education and enterprise

  • Jobs, training, education and employment opportunities, for people of all ages.
  • Encourage the growth of a localized inclusive economy that enables Brixton based people of all incomes to benefit from the success of their community.
  • Only work with commercial interests that align with the Trust’s objectives.

Maximizing the community benefit

  • Uses and activities to help improve health, community safety and quality of life.
  • Support social cohesion and promote the rich cultural diversity and heritage of Brixton.
  • Ensure the facilities and services are managed efficiently and run for the benefit to the community, being welcoming to all parts of the community and are resilient as possible to any government or charitable funding cuts.
  • Encourage cooperation and actively build on synergies between the non-residential occupiers, and the wider community, voluntary, business and statutory organizations.


  • Provide high quality, sustainable buildings and support sustainable living


  • Open to all people able to use its services without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination.

Good Governance

  • Be open, transparent, inclusive and responsive.
  • Be and remain independent and autonomous, delivering the agreed objectives and reflecting the aspirations for cooperation of residents, occupiers and neighbors through a democratic and publicly accountable structure.
  • Provide resources to ensure all constituent groups of the membership are supported and able to engage in the governance.

 Prudent management

  • Prudent management of the assets.
  • Be financially sustainable.
  • Adhere to the Trust’s legal and fiduciary responsibilities.
How will the Trust work?