Why Somerleyton Road?

Somerleyton Road is important to the Brixton community. It divides our town. The only access to the 1,600 (approx) homes in the Moorlands Triangle is via Coldharbour Lane or Somerleyton Passage (an unwelcoming alley). Somerleyton Road sits in one of the most deprived wards in the UK. The aim of local people is for a development that helps connect our town, provides homes local people can afford, jobs, sustainable development and improves quality of life.

Heart of the community

Somerelyton Road was previously the heart of the Irish and Jamaican communities in Brixton from the 1950s until the road was demolished in 1968 to make way for a new motorway that was never built.


“Lambeth experienced an uplift over the past 10 years. Residents living on Somerleyton Road have seen a decline.”


Economically Active* Unemployed* Economically Inactive* Qualifications Level 4 or higher**
Somerleyton Road 69.3% 10.9% 30.7% -17.0%
LB Lambeth 77.1% 6% 22.9% +13.9%
Source: ONS, Census of Population 2001 and 2011.

*Economic activity for people aged 16 to 74

**Change in the proportion of highest level of qualification between 2001 and 2011


  • Life expectancy for males and females is lower than the average for Lambeth.
  • The risk of death and premature death is higher in Coldharbour than in Lambeth and England.
  • Diabetes is the most frequently diagnosed long term condition with over a third.
  • Teenage conceptions are significantly higher than the Lambeth average.

(Source: NHS Lambeth Community Health & Wellbeing Profile: Coldharbour)

Barriers to Housing & Services


Index of Multiple Deprivation